March 30, 2024



On the heels of the Exciting Aconcagua Expedition, I am planning the next Adventure! This time I am looking for something more accessible that can work as a first Mountaineering Adventure – being Accessible, Inexpensive, and does not take too much time. I think Ararat fits this bill perfectly!

Ararat is a Dormant Volcano 5137m (16854ft) high located in Turkey. It offers great views and also is a mountain of great cultural significance! Mt. Ararat AKA Ağrı Dağı, which translates to “Mountain of Pain” – giving you fantastic bragging rights 🙂

In practice, it is one of the easiest 5000m+ mountains you can climb and for summer climb you can do it with basic crampons and trekking poles (rentals provided) – no advanced mountaineering equipment required.

The expedition takes 7 days (including arrival and departure), with only 4 days sleeping in the tents on the mountain. The all-inclusive costs are about $600 

Istanbul International Airport has flights to a huge variety of destinations and from where you can take about 2h, ~ $100 return flight to Agri, Igdir, or Van airports.

Dates of the expedition are August 30 to September 5th, taking advantage of Labor Day weekend in the US.

Are you considering joining? Indicate your Interest Now!

Looking for more information? Check out the Ararat page on SummitPost or this excellent review.

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