My Vision

Open the floodgates for knowledge and information and you produce rapid innovation, secure, intuitive, and adaptable software and technology. That’s the philosophy behind open source, and I thoroughly embrace it.

Why do I love the open-source philosophy, something I’ve embraced since founding my first startup? Open source is about freedom and giving everyone access to the world’s best ideas and discoveries.

I believe the principle of sharing ideas and information underpins the modern scientific and innovation process. Without the ability to share and improve upon the work of others, the wheel would have to be continually reinvented.

Open Source Activities

Keeping Open Source Open

At Percona, we have been keeping open source open since 2006, providing open-source database expertise and helping our customers

  • incorporate open technologies into their businesses
  • avoid vendor lock-in
  • benefit from what is cutting edge

Percona’s software is absolutely open source and available for everyone to use no matter if you are a student or an enterprise business.

Contribution to Open-Source Community

I support the open source community in every way I can. That includes contributing as an author, speaker, member of boards or advising.

All the startups I founded were based on open source technologies. I also co-founded and served on the board of the Open Database Alliance, a nonprofit, vendor-neutral industry association with a mission to protect and grow the open source and free software databases ecosystem.

Mainstreaming of Open-Source Topic

In my attempt to spread the word, I’ve published a ton of articles supporting the open source culture, explaining the hard parts and preventing the substitution of this concept, which is used by marketers of some companies, attributing the benefits of open source software.

I am greatly pleased that open source has become a hot topic at technology conferences year after year.