June 01, 2023

Early in 2024 a group of friends and I are going to climb Aconcagua in Argentina –  the highest mountain in the Americas, and anywhere outside of Asia (6961m or 22837ft). We have a couple of spots open for community members interested in joining us for this adventure. 

I think it is fun to go into the adventure with a group of people sharing similar interests (besides high mountains) so if you want to join us we want you to proclaim your love for Open Source and your belief that Oracle is an evil empire… or at least have a point of view on the topic ?

Trip Details 

We are looking to do the 360 Traverse route with Inka Expeditions. This route has ascent and descent on different faces allowing you to see Aconcagua from different sides and generally more variance. In our private group, we’re also looking to add additional contingency days for weather and acclimatization issues to maximize our chance of reaching the summit.  

Trip Dates: January 5 to January 25, 2024

Trip Cost: $4200    

This cost does not include Airfare, Tips, Equipment Rental, Park Entrance Fee, Additional Porter Charges, and High Mountain Insurance.

Health and Fitness Requirements 

Aconcagua does not require advanced mountaineering technical skills, outside of those taught during the trip, yet it is a high mountain and ascent will require you to work long hours at high altitude with a backpack in the cold weather specifically. Because we want to maximize the success of this group, we have general requirements (though we will consider exceptions on an individual basis):

  • – Experience with multi-day expeditions
  • – Experience of 5000m (16000ft) altitude.  
  • – You need to know how your body handles altitude and how to acclimatize properly
  • – Being able to hike hard terrain for 10h a day
  • – Being able to carry 25kg (55lb backpack)
  • – Experience using crampons 

Interested? Fill out this form and we will be in touch!

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