September 26, 2010

My Samsung NC10 Netbook was a good choice at the time, though as time went its Intel Atom 270 showed itself being more and more limited as web sites grew more complicated and video moving to use of more CPU intensive codecs.  Netflix started to look very choppy so some of YouTube videos.  Finally after I managed to drop it on the concrete its hard drive started to develop bad blocks and I once had to spend couple of hours recovering unbootable Windows due to bad blocks in the system area.  So it was time for a change.

That Netbook also tought me the great lesson – I know knew exactly what I wanted.   I wanted the new Netbook to be as light as previous one. I looked to get a bit larger screen with a bit better resolution.  I wanted to get faster CPU and good bettery life.    I also need it to be quality built so I can relay on it during my business travels.   One choice was to get on the Business Class 12″ laptops which were close to what I was looking for but which were too pricy for my taste, another was looking at higher end consumer class Netbook.

I ended up picking Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T-3721.  This is 11.6″ Laptop with 1.2Ghz Intel Core i5 CPU which is powerful enough basically for anything, it also includes Virtualization extension allowing me to run Linux in Virtualbox  which can be handy.    4GB of Memory and 500GB hard drive makes it quite fitted for basically any application tasks I need.  There is no more painful waiting I had to suffer with Atom CPU every so often.

The full size keys on keyboard compared to 92% on my old Samsung make typing convinient, though I should say I do not notice much difference.    The Screen resolution of 1366×768  is a big difference from 1024×600 Now I do not have horisontal scrolling on most sites I  care and using GMail etc is a lot more convenient.

This laptop is thinner than Samsung NC10 and it weights just a bit more – 3.1 lb instead of 2.8, which is hard to notice. The Battery life is quite good.  I can get 5-6 hours depending on what I’m doing which is not the perfect “full working day” but good enough for most of my travel needs.

One downside I found is a glossy screen, though this could be easily fixed getting anti reflective screen protector.

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