October 02, 2009

In the Daycare my daugher goes to there is a rule  the shoes has to be on when they are having the afternoon nap.    I have checked with Director where this requirement comes from and I was told this is state regulations which they have to follow.   Recently I got to know the reasons for these regulations.    This is so in case of fire they can run off without getting their shoes off.   Come on. This is California  not Novosibirsk  my kids run in the backyard barefoot at all the seasons. In unlikely event of fire and emergency evacuation I’m surely they would manage.

It is especially surprising this is a requirement not recommendation.  I’m all for for giving parents choice – some may chose for their kids to sleep in hiking boots (these offer the best protection) or wear hard hat in case there is an earthquake.  But why making it a regulation by taking choice away from parents?

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